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Buy Second-hand Spare Parts Online for all Cars, Vans and Trucks at Affordable Prices in China

Partfinder China is your major source to search and procure supreme quality new, used, and reconditioned spare parts at an affordable price. The beauty of this process is that you do not have to leave the safety of your home and can search for and buy the required parts from the safety of your home. We manage a huge network of spare parts sellers from all over China who are only allowed to join our network after they go through a strict criterion to start a business with us. Those parts dealers are trusted and verified and to continue doing business with us they have to maintain an extremely high customer satisfaction rating. The end goal of our business is to provide authentic new, used, or reconditioned spare parts at affordable prices.  Car Spare Parts In China

Spare Parts Replacements and Choices

Anyone with a technical mind understands that a vehicle is made of approximately 30000 different parts working in harmony with the other parts to make the vehicle perform. It is only natural for a vehicle to experience issues after prolonged use and require replacement spare parts. When your mechanic suggests the replacement of a spare part, it is considered beneficial to have comprehensive knowledge before you search and buy the required spare part.

Generally, there are three main choices available when you require a replacement spare part for your vehicle. the obvious choice is to visit the local authorized dealership and buy genuine OEM spare parts. Those parts are made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle and are made specifically for their brand of vehicle. The quality and fitting of those parts are exceptional and once you install those parts, they are certain to give you a few trouble-free years. However, there are downsides to this option too. Genuine OEM parts are not cheap. There is a noticeable price difference when you buy genuine parts from original manufacturers. For someone on the budget, this could mean sizable extra spending.

The other choice is to buy aftermarket spare parts. These parts are made by other manufacturers and predominantly those parts are made with a universal fitting so they can fit multiple vehicles. There is a big price difference between aftermarket and genuine OEM parts and you can save a lot if you decide to get those parts. However, the quality and fitting both suffer from those aftermarket spare parts. In some cases, instead of fixing the issue, a substandard aftermarket spare part can do more damage to the overall performance and reliability of the vehicle.  Car Parts For Sale In China

There is another option which can be described as the better option. You can choose to buy used or reconditioned spare parts. Those spare parts come from the vehicles that are taken off the road due to any given reason and all the spare parts that are in perfect working condition are put on sale. Those parts not only save you valuable cash but are superior in quality as they are genuine OEM parts.

Where to Find Suitable Spare Parts

Now, we have determined that one of the best choices regarding replacement spare parts is to buy used or reconditioned spare parts. It is important to buy them at an affordable price and in the best condition with a warranty.

It’s natural to think that your local spare parts market should have those used or reconditioned parts available. However, in reality, there are many problems associated with this option. It is extremely hard to find a trusting and reliable part seller who can guarantee a perfectly working part that can be trusted to perform. Harsh weather can also be a hindrance as it is impossible to visit shop after shop in scathing heat or extreme cold. The choice is always very limited as only a few shops are selling your required spare parts.

There is a way to overcome all those problems. Online commerce is revolutionizing the way businesses are conducted nowadays. The spare parts industry is taking advantage of this new medium as well. Online sources are becoming more and more popular to find the required parts and as long as you can find a reliable source. You should take advantage of it too.

Partfinder China Provides Reliable Car Parts  Auto Spare Parts In China

Providing genuine used or reconditioned spare parts at affordable prices is what we strive towards and here is how we do it. We manage a large network of used and reconditioned spare parts dealers whom we choose after much deliberation. Those dealers go through very strict checks and pass the criteria. They have to score extremely high in customer satisfaction to continue doing business under our umbrella. Those dealers are trusted and verified and can be trusted when doing business with them.

It's easy to search and purchase online. We have taken advantage of our years of experience and made it as easy as possible. All you have to do is to provide the registration number of your vehicle and our recognition system recognizes exactly what vehicle it is and what spare part is suitable for this vehicle. It informs the spare parts dealers who have the required parts in stock. within no time you start receiving no-obligation quotes from our dealers and you can choose according to your budget and requirements.

Complete Customer Satisfaction with Up to 60% Savings

Complete customer satisfaction is paramount to our business and we achieve that by asking our dealers to offer a warranty with every part that we sell. The warranty period depends on many factors and can only be confirmed on the spot. This gives our customers enough confidence to come back for more business without fear.

You can save up to 50% when you decide to buy used or reconditioned spare parts instead of buying brand-new ones from the dealership. There are further savings available when you avail the savings on our festive sales.

Car Parts Delivered at Your Doorstep  Used Spare Parts In China

Searching and buying the spare parts is only part of the process and the process is completed when the part is delivered to its owner safe and sound. We can arrange a quick and very reliable delivery service that can deliver the spare parts no matter how big or valuable these are. You can even live-track the progress of the spare part all the way to your destination. We ensure that our delivery services are of high standards and our charges are minimal. The only way you can do a comparison between others and our services is by booking the services yourself.

China, The Largest Auto Manufacturer in the World

China is by far the biggest manufacturer of automobiles in the world. it produces approximately 28 million motor vehicles amounting to about 30% of the whole production of cars and trucks manufactured in the world. There is an astonishing amount of around 255 million vehicles in use in China. China is not only experiencing rapid growth in auto manufacturing but in vehicle ownership as well.

Such a huge influx of vehicles means there has to be a huge auto parts industry to accommodate the demand for replacement parts for those vehicles. China’s spare parts industry commands mind-boggling numbers as the annual revenue nears 800 billion yuan and supports a major part of China’s annual GDP figures.

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